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For over 25 years Samantha has been passionate about ...

pursuing a STEM-focused career serving as the first female aircraft maintenance technician at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Samantha’s experience from a range of leadership roles, and presentation skills from workshops & programs, has equipped her to help students and professional leaders. They are able to achieve compounded levels of confidence-based execution in order to drive tangible results.

Her spirit of optimism and excellence has led to Samantha working with major Fortune 500

companies across the globe, including the United States, Singapore, and Japan. Her international impact has established strategic alliances through business partnerships with numerous companies.

Samantha is an iconic trailblazer in aviation and a leadership expert. 

In 2010, Samantha led the Boeing Women Inspiring Leadership organization and received recognition for Affinity Group impact of the year. Samantha is the founder & President of Black Women in Aviation Inc, a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging and advancing black women in all aviation and aerospace career fields and interests.


To this day, successful organizations and companies like the Boeing Company, Chase, Anytime Fitness, American Heart Association, HBCUs, and Athleta have trusted and invested in Samantha T. Mitchell’s services. She remains a highly sought-after guest of the media including radio, TV stations, and podcasts. 

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